Brenda is living and thriving with metastatic breast cancerIn 2003, I was diagnosed with stage II DCIS breast cancer. I completed the usual plan with a mastectomy, 8 rounds of chemo and 5 years of tamoxifen. I thought it was all behind me . In December 2014, my life was forever changed when an MRI revealed tumors on my lower spine. I was not prepared for this diagnosis. After all, I was a “survivor!”

Since that day, I have been fortunate that the cancer is on the bone – spine, pelvic, and hips – and has not spread to the organs – brain, liver, and lungs. I was diagnosed with E+, so I am taking many hormonal therapies with lots of painful side effects. I have had several rounds of radiation and now have bone fractures from bone mets. It is a battle – back and forth – to keep the cancer from spreading.

[tr-shareit ]The body is a miracle and wants to live.[/tr-shareit]

Truly, I have had a lot of success using alternative therapy, avoiding sugar,  and juicing organic fruits and vegetables. I am mostly eating a vegetarian diet. I take it one day at a time and have a very loving and supportive husband. My kids and family are my determination for staying healthy and not giving up. The first oncologist told me, “the damage is done” and that she would, “keep me comfortable.” I fired her and now have an oncologist who believes that I can live with the right therapy, diet, exercise, lowering stress and keeping a positive mind.

I think this is so important. The body is a miracle and wants to live. My wish is for there to be more studies on alternative medicines. Diet, exercise and lowering stress is crucial in staying healthy and fighting disease. The misinformation regarding breast cancer needs to change. MBC needs more support, definitely more funding and public awareness is all needed to end the 40,000 deaths each year.

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